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knitting along with larissa for the state fair . june 10 . 2006

I spent $21 I really didn't have the other day on a couple of beautiful (and purpley) skeins of yarn. Don't worry honey: there's a higher calling. I'm going to be part of something.

Larissa is hosting a state fair knit-along. This thrills me for a couple of reasons: (a) I love the knitting, but I need a mission and, whaddya know, here one is! and (b) I need to somehow avenge my poor showings in the Beaverhead County (Montana) Fair back in junior high. I'm still smarting over my failure to win the purple ribbon for my fudge brownies.

I'm knitting the blanket I've been wanting to make for the past year. It was, after all, about a year ago I finished Truman's baby blanket. I love that blanket. But it's for babies. It's soft, and it makes my heart swell with pride over my pregnant cabling (and remember the birth), but it's not a family blanket. I can't tuck it around Everett's toes and still pull it up around me and Truman, too. This blanket will be big, and beautiful, and hopefully it will win a ribbon on the bv end of the roygbiv spectrum.

Even if it only wins a little typed-up entrance card, though, it will still be a special thing, a mark of how I'm keeping my toe in domesticity and a couple of fingers in arty-craftiness. Plus: it'll be way fun to join in my first knit-along.

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