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on the road @ urban grind . may 25 . 2006

If you haven't been to a Cafe au Play On the Road event yet, this is the perfect weekend to get intro-ducted. We'll be meeting at Urban Grind NE (that's at 22nd and NE Oregon, about two blocks north of Sandy Blvd). Urban Grind is kind of the mecca of child-friendly coffee shops, most recently with the addition of a fanciful child-sized playroom inside the painted tree. You'll just have to go and see it to understand.

Of course if you have been at a previous event, still, you'll want to come. Dena Wilder is doing Story Yoga, which sounds amazing and I'm sure will be engaging for children and parental types alike. Really, if I had my druthers, I'd turn my boys over to Dena a couple of hours a day for adventurous storytime. It beats Dora (much though I love her) any day. There's coffee that's roasted onsite, there are delicious baked goods, and, naturally, the Cafe au Play team. If you are at all interested in furthering the cause of Cafe au Play (and I know many of you are), this is a good way to take part and before you know it we'll have you on a fundraising committee or something.

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