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party pictures . may 29 . 2006

I've been taking lots of pictures at parties lately -- at playdates, at galas, at intimate gatherings, at birthday parties. And do you know? I'm good. So good that I'd like to start doing more of it professionally (as part of my whole 'professional hobbyist' thing).

I'm not like any other party photographer you'll see snapping away with a huge flash unit and asking people to smile. I'm more of a person who captures the mood of an event. I look at my photos and I feel like I'm still there. Only prettier. There's something fantastically poetic about the movement that glows from my images, sometimes, that jumps out at me from the frame. The colors and laughter and excitement spring back into life. It's not just me, I don't think, I have some nice equipment. But I *am* great at seeing the right moment through my lens and pushing the button.

If you're reading this and you'd like to hire me, for a wedding or a birthday party or a fabulous gala, I won't charge a ginormous fee and I'll refrain from nickel-and-diming you. I can't promise to get *every* moment, but if you want photos that take you back to the moments I capture, well, I think I'll do that better than just about anyone else. You can reach me at 503.708.5759 or mama [at]

ann and hau at bipartisan cafe playdate

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