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the aprons were a good idea . november 05 . 2006

the aprons were a good idea . november 05 . 2006

my apron, as modeled by meWe -- Cafe au Play, and the overwhelming efforts of Larissa and all our donors and volunteers -- put on one heck of an auct ion. I'd laughed about how everyone said an auction was a good idea -- but really, it doesn't seem so good when you're staying up until 4 a.m. writing scripts for live auctions (me) and filling in 180-some bid sheets (Larissa), or when you're trying to figure out how to cover up an artwork of a giant baby's bottom in what I think is a woman's private part, perversely entitled "man penetrating nature," or when someone snaps at you ... You know?

But! It was a good idea, at least, it was a successful idea. We raised some $10,000, my mental baseline and the stretch goal Larissa had established. I screamed with joy when I saw the total she scribbled on the brown paper covering the checkout table at 11:30 last night. And had another delicious glass of MacTarnahan's yummy ale, donated for the event.

That? A good idea. But what was a rip-roaringly amazing idea? Larissa's cafe aprons. Not only did I have a ball selecti ng fabrics from my stash of recycled, reclaimed and thrifted textiles, and sewing them (ok, that's what I was really doing at 4 a.m. Saturday morning) into funky and domestic pieced aprons, but they were a gigantic hit amongst the auction attendees. We sold them all and they were fun to wear. I managed to get $60 for my piece de resistance, the apron Larissa wore for the event.

Everyone needs a cafe apron. Making aprons was the best thing I did all season. Later today I'll post a tutorial, and here are some photos.

The aprons were a very, very good idea.

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