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planes, trains and starbucks . november 19 . 2006

knitting in planes, trains and starbucks

A few days ago I returned from a short business trip to New York City.

Oh how I love New York City. And though I miss my family dreadfully (really, from stem to stern), oh how I love a good business trip! It's so wonderful to have my arms, hands, and face free from encumbrance for many hours running. In the past few trips I've taken, I've gotten so much knitting done I can't decide which yarn to put in my bag and end up stuffing my checked luggage full of potential knitting projects, too.

Most fun of all is taking knitting in public. In the past few days, I knitted on planes, I knitted on trains, I knitted in Starbucks. I knitted at touristy bars, I knitted in expensive seafood restaurants, I knitted at a diner at 2 a.m. I knitted in hotels, airports, and train stations. I knitted at every hour of the day and night.

To show for it, most notably, I finished three hats for Larissa's meathead knitalong. Want to understand my mania? That may be impossible, but here are my offerings to the project (all yarns are Lamb's Pride Bulky):

I also knitted up a pattern from Larissa's book (well, based on a pattern from Larissa's book) that's going to be a secret. But I can tell you one thing. Larissa named this pattern after a certain coffee drink that's rarely ordered. And as I sat in Manhattan the morning of the 15th, binding off Larissa's pattern, someone loudly and happily ordered said coffee drink. The stars, they were aligned.

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