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vote for me (photographer version) . october 10 . 2006

I ask you to vote for me a lot here. I want you to read my stories, buy my tickets, give money to my causes. But this time? Voting for me is just the matter of a couple of clicks.

A few months ago, I received one of the greatest honors of my photographic life: I was "favorited" by JPG Mag co-founder Derek Powazek. It was for this photo of Everett, really a great photo (I think) that speaks more than its requisite 1,000 words of drama, soul, unstoppable silliness.

Several weeks later I was invited to add photos to the magazine's new site, and chose a few to submit to issue #7. As is my wont, I agonized over the decision, submitting at the last possible instant and (in fact) somehow screwing up one of the three themes. So no "hometown" photo for me despite my passion for Portland. Ahh well.

I think I made good choices. And you can vote for them! Just click along.

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