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stephanie pearl mcphee is funny . september 08 . 2006

stephanie's books Larissa asked me to go to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book signing at Powell's Books for Cooks to take photos for The Book. I was psyched, because (a) knitters and (b) bloggers and (c) books. All things I love, and love to photograph. Oh yes, and I had money burning a hole in the bottom of my hand-knitted purse, and the babies had sitting. What could be better?

Now I hang out at Powell's Books for Cooks (and Gardeners) a lot, but generally I've learned that the store's taste runs to the, shall we say, far more expensive than the bins? I'd much rather find my Betty Crocker Cooky Book for $0.50 than for $12.99 (used). You know. And I don't like spending $34.00 for a set of four eensy bowls. And who knew it was Powell's Books for Cooks (and Gardeners) (and people who like yarn)? I've never noticed their knitting and crocheting section, so maybe it's new. Anyhow. It's quite obvious that no one who worked for Powell's was a knitter, or a blogger, and certainly not the combination of the two. [Update: It appears that Powell's changed the name to "Powell's Books for Home and Garden" although the URL still says "cookbook". Heh.]

Stephanie was like no author they'd ever met, and the place was absolutely packed when I arrived at 6:54. It appeared that Stephanie thought her signing began at 7:30, while Powell's thought it began at 7. Either way the crowd was cheery and knitting lots of socks, just as Larissa hoped. I took three rolls of film.

stephanie takes one more picture with a sock Stephanie arrived, and she was plain, in a pretty Canadian kind of way. I was in the back when she was ushered in by a muchly hip Powell's employee, who mentioned something about having saved room for Stephanie's "friend." "Oh I don't have a friend!" said Stephanie, which I thought was funny.

She turned out to be rather hilarious. If you have ever knit, or blogged, or if you think you can appreciate the lifestyle, you should absolutely go to one of her book signings. After having read several chapters of her first book in rapid succession last night, I've decided: she's far funnier in person than in her book. She's really the genius of knitting stand-up. Never thought you'd see that phrase now did you?

And Canadians. Who doesn't love Canadians?

Heeheeheehee. "PRO-ject."

[Stephanie's books, in case you wondered, are Yarn Harlot, a book of humorous essays, At Knit's End, so-called "meditations" on knitting, and Knitting Rules!, a funny how-to knitting book]

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