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9.11 birthday wishes . september 11 . 2006

Today is my birthday, and I'm asking for you all to get me a present. I feel I should make some connection with the national tragedy (after all, I'll never manage to disconnect my birthday with the terror attacks, they're inextricably linked -- and given that, I'd like to point you to two pieces by Blogging Stocks writers; Peter Cohan analyzes the market factors that haven't changed since before September 2001; and Sheldon Liber talks about how business is not 'as usual').

So here it is: it's clear that those who effected the tragedy, and terrorists operating everywhere from Pakistan to Indonesia, care nothing for those thousands upon thousands of children whose lives were forever changed by their actions. What do they know of the babies who will never know their fathers, the daddies raising children alone, the man whose pregnant wife was erased in a heartbeat, taking child and partner in one swoop? It's happened a million times and each time is a stunning world-changer. Remember the first time you read Night? Remember how the children feel? I don't like terror messing with our kids, I didn't when I was 13 and even less, now.

Make children more real in all our lives by providing more places where adults and young children interact, integrate. Down with adult-child segregation! We'll never truly have community that embraces the beauty of a child's imagination, the truth of a child's observations, the wonder of a baby's smile if we don't find places for adults and children to be, together. That's one of the things Cafe au Play means to me. Help make it happen. Give money to Cafe au Play for my birthday: we're raising $70,000 and my goal is to get $5,000 today.

Here's the button that Larissa made, one of my favorite cupcake photos *ever* (and you know I love cupcakes):

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