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cafe apron along-ing . september 24 . 2006

My sewing room / office / place of all beauty and goodness is a mess, and it's not just the girls' fault. Some of the mess is a bright chaotic scattering of pinks and blues, florals and plaids. I have squares and triangles laying on the floor, big tufts and billows of fabric scattered all over. We're making aprons (C. the elder is helping) for Cafe au Play's auction.

It's all Larissa's fault. She posted this photo on flickr, and next thing you know, it's an "along," and I'm swept up in it all. I'm making three aprons, which will all be for sale at the auction (and also in my special cafemama buy-it-now preview, if of course I finish them in time).

I'm also knitting chunky and gorgeous things, and I'll be soliciting other auction items from the great and lovely people of Portland, and the world. If you have ideas or want to contribute, email me, mama [at]

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