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an auction is a good idea . cafe au play winter market auction . september 29 . 2006

Whenever anyone talks about raising funds for Cafe au Play, or anything else, it seems as if this phrase springs like magic to each eager would-be fundraiser's lips:

"an auction is a good idea."

It's possible that Larissa might beg to differ at this point. But there's no doubting that this good idea, loved by many, has been embraced by the good team at Cafe au Play.

And so it is. November 4, 2006. Treats include delectables from Pix, Bakery Bar, Grand Central Bakery, and a dozen others (finding treats is one of my tasks, but I've been a little busy these past few weeks). We'll have local beer and wine. We'll, most importantly, have stuff to buy. Oh what stuff!

You can buy your tickets by going to the Cafe au Play website, or by clicking the button at the bottom of this post (takes you to Paypal). Or you can find me and give me cash, or check. $25 per person.

Please buy a ticket. Please buy four tickets (a four-pack is only $80). And if you can't, won't, or wish to get a head start on the good stuff, I'm offering via special preview buy-it-now super-duper-dealio on cafemama:

All proceeds go directly to Cafe au Play, a non-profit seeking to create a cafe, play space, and one-stop community-finding place for parents of young children, caregivers, and lovely people of all ages. We're working toward opening the cafe in the former drug property on 56th and Division here in beautiful SE Portland, Oregon, now called the "Tabor Community Commons," a.k.a. drive thru wake up. If you want to buy items or contribute in any way to the auction, email me, mama [at]

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