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never turn your knitting needles to the off position . september 30 . 2006

knitting on northwest airlines "If you have any electronic devices, or laptops, please turn them to the 'off' position," said the flight attendant calmly. "In fact, anything you have with an 'on-off' switch needs to be turned to the 'off' position." I turned to my companion, with whom I'd exchanged only a few words, and looked at his book, my prodigious pile of knitting. "That pretty much covers everything but books and knitting!" I said.

The best part about this particular fiber art: there is no "off" position on your knitting needles. On my recent 36-hour trip from Portland, Oregon to Durham, North Carolina, and back, I must have spent a good 10 hours with my circulars firmly planted in the only position they have.

To show for it: a beautiful scarf, I've named her "jelika" (because I'm just strange like that), and an almost-completed beret for C. the younger, out of unknown grandma yarn and lots of bits of left-over Noro silk garden. Naturally I forgot my camera (and, now that I think about it, it *does* have an on-off switch), so it's not been photographed as of yet.

Hurray for the timeless, old-world, switchless knitting needles.

And this is as good a time as any to invite you to join my tea and knitting flickr pool! Oddly the loveliest photos I took for this pool are still yet to be uploaded, and were taken of my knitting of Larissa's meathead hat, right after we met... and right after I started knitting. Knitting and tea go together, you know?

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