the tomboy hen

a story i wrote . september . 2006

I was knitting for the Cafe au Play winter market auction. I was heading sunset, flying over the midwest somewhere. I had a big pile of yarn on my lap, the most delicious stuff you've ever touched or seen. The colorway was "henpecked" and the yarn I'd picked up at the Flock & Fiber Festival to knit together with it (it called to me) was Italian wool, brown, tweedy, and from the stash of an unknown grandma -- a woman who'd fallen ill with Alzheimer's. While I knitted Jelika sang her song to me.

Jelika must have come from Everett, who the other day at the coffee shop saw a little girl with Spiderman shoes. "Spiderman shoes are for boys, right?" he asked, and I said, "no honey, superheroes are for everyone." And later C. the elder and C. the younger said something about princesses, or Polly Pockets, being for girls, and I said, "no, princesses are for everyone. Dolls are for everyone. Just because commercials on TV show little girls and little boys playing with different toys, doesn't mean that you can't play with whatever you like." It's been a mantra in our house, "superheroes are for everyone, princesses are for everyone."

Here's a little taste...

As soon as I get home to Portland, I'll be working with my human inspirations, Everett and Cici (a.k.a. C the elder) to make collages to illustrate my story. I'm hoping to publish this in board-book form, because it makes me cry. And Everett, and Cici, they need this tale told large and beautiful.

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