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vacation resolutions . april 02 . 2007

When my boss encouraged me to take a vacation immediately, as she is leaving for the birth of her own third baby on April 11th, I didn't even consider going to the coast for several days, or maybe trying to get a cheap flight for the boys and me somewhere lovely and low-cost. I knew what I had to do, and it was garden.

And not just garden. As we IM-ed about the concept and listened to a conference call, my mind raced from knitting project to organizing my entire physical photo collection (maybe "chaos" is a better word than "collection) to chicken coops to the book. I've been wanting to write a book proposal for years, and now IS the time.

The next day I set out to Powell's, where I picked up a couple of gems; one, my chicken bible, I've already described in detail (and may I take a moment to say I'm wowed by the response I've gotten from mamas and grandmamas and just plain nice ladies everywhere. Thanks for reading and I'll certainly keep you posted!). The other was Non-Fiction Book Proposals Anyone Can Write . I will send off a book proposal by April 8th! I will!

In keeping with my determination never to make New Year's resolutions, and my general desire to be a better mama, I hereby give you my daily resolutions for this week of vacation:

I know I won't keep every resolution, at least not if I count today (where I stayed up 'til 2:30 a.m. finishing the work that I couldn't finish on Friday, or Sunday night), and many of my big projects might interfere with the daily resolutions (something tells me cleaning will quickly fall by the wayside). But I want to bake bread from that no-knead recipe everyone's talking about, I want to start a crafty blog, I want to fix all those unfinished pages on my blog (well, some of them). I'll report back on how I do... wish me luck.

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