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run mama run . as fast as i can . august 27 . 2007

crossing the finish line avec babe
To say that I am proud of myself for finishing the Hood-to-Coast this year would be an understatement. Not only did I run the entire way (my husband didn't even manage that this year!) but I ran (a) 7/19/31, a leg combination of medium difficulty and length; (b) a pretty good average time around 9:30 miles; and (c) two minutes faster than predicted by the fancy-schmancy Excel spreadsheet thought I would! (I love outsmarting spreadsheets. I know, I'm a geek.) Seeing Jonathan during the race (I found him sleeping a little after dawn in Mist) was an unexpected thrill.

Best of all, of course, it was fun, and I'm pleased that our team of urbanMamas, Run Mama Run, bested our time of last year and finished 16th in our category. Running six-and-a-half weeks post-partum was certainly not easy (although I've decided it's far easier than the feat accomplished by another team member -- running eight weeks pregnant! Ouch!), and my advice to anyone else wishing to attempt such an, umm, interesting challenge is thus:

I'm pleased now that I can simply enjoy my training runs in the upcoming weeks; the Hood-to-Coast deadline means I've gotten my regular self back, more or less, and I can run happy. I'm looking very forward to the next race, for which I'm sure to have lost a dozen or more pounds. Boy hills will look easy after that!

And thanks for the great photos, Hau!

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