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dulles hat for the babies . december 13 . 2007

monroe in his baby dulles hat
Think of the babies.

I have, actually, thought of the babies, and added a size just for them to my dulles hat pattern. Now buying the pattern will give you four sizes and a little-more-clearer directions on the decreases.

I'm so thrilled that so many people have knit my soft little hat; I've created a flickr pool for dulles hats and, as of this writing, there was actually one person other than me in the pool.

And do you know what this means? I can now deduct every last purchase of malabrigo from my taxes. I'd better go buy some more, you know, test knitting and all.

Note: that gorgeous quilt is a gift from my mom to Monroe, inspired by something from Garnet Hill. Yes, I love her.

paying the bills

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