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today i love . february 14 . 2007

It's Valentine's Day, and as I've just finished agonizingly analyzing ("watch for internal rhyme!" I can see Professor Stuart scribbling in the margins) traffic data, it's time for something completely different.


what i love
I love who I'm with. I love the boys, and their endless energy and enthusiasm. I love my husband, even though he makes me crazy, but especially when he's sweet and makes me a protein-rich breakfast. My friends, too, are sweet non-judgmental creative interesting people who are all smart and generous and inspiring, and I love you all. Everyone I come into contact with, even virtually, fills my hours with beauty (hi flickr!), humor and unparalelled richness.

I love what I have. I love beautiful things, especially when they're made of yarn, and I love to make them. I love that no one in my family bought me a teddy bear from Vermont, and no one paid lots of money for out-of-season flowers. I love that my crocuses are coming up, just barely, and soon I'll have in-season flowers -- which are flowers enough for me. I love that my Valentine's gift (still on its way) is a new lens for my camera. I love that my husband is working tonight so we'll have a leisurely opportunity to celebrate our love another, less busy day.

what i love
I love where I am. I love that I work from home, that my office is a fantastically messy space full of sun, crafty things, and boys. I love my neighborhood, with wonderful places full of personality like the Busy Corner Grocery (best lattes in the country, yummy cheese plates, great people), Gladstone Coffee (consistently great coffee and warm, generous baristas), Rudy's Pizza (yummy barbecue pizza, if you're nearby 47th and Powell call them at 503.771.8008) and the Funky Door (funky decor, yes, and pastries worth walking to). As if things couldn't get any better, today Rob Buels emailed me and mentioned he wanted to open a bagel shop -- with real East Coast-style chewy delicious bagels -- nearby (he says you can email him, robert.buels [at], if you have input).

I love what I'm doing. I'm working at a job I love. I'm involved in fun creative projects. I take a gazillion photos. I've started to go to my neighborhood library again, and read like crazy (my latest fave is The Midwife's Tale, if you're interested, in 13 words: simple, rich, extraordinarily sad, full of hope, intricate yet universal, entirely worth it). I'm still going without a car, and it makes me feel that I'm doing something for the planet. I'm taking my son to ballet, and that fits him, and me, at some deep level.

Although there are so many things that I spend my mental space complaining about in my life, really, I love what it is and who I'm doing it with. So, my valentine this February 14th is to my own world. I love it -- and you -- all.

paying the bills

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