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my life of leisure . january 24 . 2007

"Do you really live such a leisurely life?" asked the woman a few seats away at the airport waiting area, in front of concourses "D" and "E". I was knitting and watching Truman and Everett play pirates on the play structure there (there was a sea serfance -- not serpent, no -- who was trying to get in the way as Everett steered the ship towards his princess, guarding a treasure). We'd been there for nearly two hours; a little while saying good-bye to Jonathan, who was off for a week at Camp Parks, in California, and the rest watching the boys wildly play.

"No!" I said, marvelling at how it could be that, really, I'd been able to take hours from my day to sit, and knit. "I work from home. I'm assuaging guilt."

And, really, I'm too tired to rush things right now. Too exhausted to fight with Everett over leaving; I'd rather just wait it out, as the afternoon turned into evening. These days, I've discovered, I can either do something in the afternoon and evening or work, none of this "I'll go out on errands 'til 6:30 then come home and finish three projects." No "please come over for dinner, and afterward, I'll finish my spreadsheet." Uh-uh.

eleven weeks pregnant, with my new camera
You see, I'm pregnant. Again. I've been writing about it on my "secret" blog (that I know many of you read, so it's only a little bit secret), so you may have caught a whiff of nausea, exhaustion, struggles to eat fruit.

I'm thrilled to be headed toward "mother-of-three" status. Naturally, I'm having trouble keeping up with life. I'm becoming more of a flake, even, than usual. And I'm developing a life of leisure. Hours lying on the couch watching TV because I can neither (a) get up nor (b) fall asleep. Long weekend afternoons knitting or drinking coffee or (always) eating and eating and eating, and going nowhere because... how can I?

If I don't email you back, be patient, the second trimester is here and will, God willing, give me brilliant rushes of energy one day soon. And I'll write more soon, about knitting and coffee and parenting and life in Portland. I'll keep the pregnancy stuff to the secret page (although you really should check out my new page on ways I'm trying to eat better during pregnancy, I'm terrifically proud of it, even if I'm not exactly following every single tip on there).

If you see me, with my feet up somewhere, knitting or reading the paper or just staring into space, well, now you know. I'm living a life of leisure.

paying the bills

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