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new jyte: addictive and the next BIG little thing . january 31 . 2007

When I started this blog, I was talking a lot about Jyte. It was a fun little name and rather brilliant product, but the project was endlessly complicated and Larry Drebes eventually stopped developing it and went on to other things. Now, Jyte has been reinvented (I recognize it as one of Larry's bazillion brilliant ideas) and it's, wow, perfect. Fun. Addictive. So much so that I'm up at 2 a.m. playing with it (well, I have work to finish and I napped for hours this evening... pregnancy and all...).

Anyhow, take it from me: this is the one, the idea, the implementation that will be the next-oh-so-big-thing. It's got everything I want in addictive social software -- it's perfectly simple, it's immediate, it spits out little embedding links -- and it's not susceptible to gaming (hello Digg and oh-please, Netscape! you were born just to promote your "friends"). Love it.

There's my favorite claim [which claim I have changed because I am vain and want one that is agreed-upon]. Agreed?

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the dancer who was meant to be . january 31 . 2007