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newborn photos galore . july 12 . 2007

There are few times in a photographer's life so rich as this. A few days ago, I birthed my third boy, Monroe Gilbert Hanson, and as the sun peeked through my shades only six hours after his birth, all I could do was treasure my new little subject.
monroe in his pinwheel blanket at one day old mama and monroe, evening of the first day monroe in pointy hat at one day old

He joins cousins Mendel Isaiah and Maya Yasmin, born 13 days earlier. They, too, are amazing and sweet subjects, and I feel stunned and overcome with the possibilities.
mendel in the arms of his grandpa maya and aunt hannah baby mendel

Monroe's birth story is up on the pregnant blog. Despite all odds, and perhaps because no one really believed it possible, I gave birth without any sort of surgical assistance after two previous c-sections.

You'll understand if my blog posts are a little gushy and superlative-laced from the hormones right now. But that's a good thing. Until I return to some baseline, I'll let you enjoy the photos.

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