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bloggingbuyouts. it's good for my career . march 22 . 2007

I was telling Larissa about my newest project, launched a few days ago. It's called BloggingBuyouts, and it's private equity and (more minorly) mergers & acquisitions. In a very small part of my world, these subjects are vastly sexy. They reek of money and import, secrecy and the application of a curiously powerful knowledge. It's where, for several years of my life, I invested my passion and energy. It's something I know a ton about and (if I'm going to be honest here) I love in a deeply geeky way. Though I'm deliriously happy in my life as I am, for moments each day I long to be back at Merrill Lynch analyzing and pitching these deals to the movers and shakers.

Yet, to most of my readers here (I'm guessing) and certainly the world at large, this subsection of the finance world is mysterious in the least-possibly-interesting way. Do you know what an LBO is? Do you care? Yeah, probably not.

So I was explaining how hard I was working on launching BloggingBuyouts, and how it was a fascinating topic worthy of the deep coverage to which we were bringing it. But, if everything worked out, the site would only be carefully read by an extremely small number of people. That our goals were to influence a world of readers a few thousand strong. In other words: it would never be successful in a measurable way, that it might even not make profit for my boss, but it was something that everyone was urging me to do nonetheless due to its unquantifiable importance.

"So, it's a project that's good-for-your-career?" Larissa asked, describing a friend who had refused to do good-for-your-career projects because it often meant working for free.

Yes, exactly. I am enjoying this project but I despair of being able to return the brilliant traffic stats I'm racking up at my main site, which covers finance in a far more populist (and fun) way. Yet, it's something that I pour my heart and soul into. Because it's good for my career.

And hey... if you *do* care about this little tiny area of the world, you'll appreciate this post about Blackstone's IPO.

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