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local food answers . january 13 . 2008

I am not alone. No, you all have joined me, both in my passion to create a more sustainable food life for my family, and in my quest for information. As soon as I wrote my last post, you flooded my email inbox and twitter replies and instant messaging with ideas, links, answers. Thanks to you, and the research you've inspired me to do, I have information to share. Brilliant bits of information wash over my brain, sputtering until I can taste it on my tongue, keeping me up late at night baking bread, dreaming about ways to make jelly and relish with honey instead of sugar, wondering if there is a vineyard nearby which makes vinegar? Here are just a few of the ways I've learned to eat local here in Portland:

I have not eaten any traditional salads this month. I have, however, eaten better than any month in my life (excepting time spent in London, Italy, France, Vienna). Aged ribeye roast with Strawberry Mountain beef. Salad after salad of roasted beets, with goat cheese, with aforementioned potato salad. Shepherd's pies made in untraditional ways, with chard and beet greens and heirloom carrots instead of peas. For breakfast, cheater's chocolate streusel bars (because chocolate is technically cheating), scones with cherry zinfandel jam. Homemade bread with lots of rich butter. Elk stew.

I do not know if it is because of the ingredients, or because I am spending so much time in the kitchen, but whatever it is, I'm thrilled, I'm throwing away very few leftovers, and it all feels like the right answer.

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