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crafting my words at culinate . january 27 . 2008

As a teen, even in college, I took advantage of my facility with words. I'd sit at the computer (or electronic typewriter, my instrument of opportunity in high school) and take pride in the fact that I could start at the beginning and proceed through the middle, until I reached the end with barely a thought or second glance. Now though, now I have a habit of obsessively reviewing my writing, reading it over and over even after I've published it, paying attention to the tiniest word out of place, the internal rhyme not meant to be, the misplaced comma, the accidental repetition. If it's a blog post easily altered, I go back, I yearn for perfection.

The better I get as a writer, the more I read my words over and over, crafting them, taking pride. When something is good, I know that it is very very good. When it is very very good, I read it more.

I have started writing at Culinate in the site's 'Dinner Guest' blog and, given that I send my pieces off instead of entering them into a CMS myself, I have taken an even more careful eye. No longer can I go back and alter that word or semicolon. Instead, I have found myself setting new and higher standards for myself, not letting the words go until I can read them out loud and hear them almost sing.

I hope you'll come by and read more about my local foods project, and read some of the other fantastic contributors -- my favorite and new heroine is "urban homesteader" and co-founder of Preserve, Harriet Fasenfest. I don't know what's better: the cooking? The eating? The writing? The connecting? Either way, I am thoroughly nourished.

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