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the me who matters now . june 28 . 2008

me and monroe at recycling center
I have changed utterly.

And I have not changed at all; at once I am more richly myself and more different than I ever imagined possible. I am now the sort of person who sprouts whole grains and offers entire canisters of white sugar to her little sister. I am the sort of person who wishes she could work less, travel less, eat home more. I am the sort of person who truly dislikes shopping, unless it's at a farmer's market.

Where once my dreams were full of the achievements to which I could over-subscribe, I am now in search of shedding things, activities, board memberships, keeping only those that make my heart hum quietly, that give my children a richer life. I do not want to work long hours, start a restaurant, earn venture capital funding. I do not want to franchise anything.

What I want to do is to live a life that is good, to be more present, to create small bits of beauty, and to tell my story. And so I have re-written my about me page to reflect who I am, no more résumé, just a tale of what I want to do here. Thank you for reading my blog; I tell you more than I should; I appreciate you more than you could possibly imagine.

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