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buy this knitting book . march 15 . 2008 --

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I've been waiting two years for this day.

Today, Larissa and Martin marked the official release of their book, Knitalong. And while I found myself eager to celebrate the release and hold my very own copy of the book in my hands, while I was thrilled to become an Official Published Knitting Designer (and, let's not forget, photographer! A baker's dozen of my photographs are sprinkled through the book), most of all, I just wanted to knit.

I might have imagined, given the vast number of hours I spent knitting samples of my own project, and joining in knitalong after knitalong for socks and blankets and hats, oh my, that I might have tired of knitting the projects in the book. But no! I confess to wondering if I still had the notes from the Doppio gauntlets, or Barn-raising quilt, as I was dying to start both of those projects right this instant over the past few days.

Now that the book is in my hands and on my shelves, now that I've signed my pattern at least five times (it felt good!), I still haven't started either of those projects. No. But I'm wondering if I shouldn't start another pinwheel blanket? Or maybe a French Press Cozy is in order? And what yarn was used, again, in that Travelling Scarf? Anyone want to knit one with me?

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