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telling stories . september 28 . 2008

I have been writing for money always. Though of course not in the way I long to. My first serious job was as an analyst for First Union Capital Markets. I wrote documents about the companies our credit department had approved for very, very large loans; in them, I did my best to make the companies appear to be fantastic credit risks. In my second career, as a Vice President of something at a dotcom, I wrote documents about our company to make it appear to be an excellent investment. I continued in this vein for quite some time.

But all I really want to do is tell stories.

When I write my best posts for BloggingStocks and WalletPop, they are all stories into which I weave a piece of news and analysis. These are both entertaining and destroying; so often, I end up with dozens, or hundreds, of comments questioning my choices. This is not what makes storytelling rewarding.

I find refuge elsewhere. One place is a very new company called Field Report. The founders want to change the way publishing works. My pieces are not yet the best of anything. I doubt I will be winning the $250,000 grand prize (though wouldn't it be wonderful to pay off my mortgage and build a backyard kitchen?). I think they all could use a little more quiet editing. But you should read them. Here I wrote about a hard day with Everett, and honey saffron cardamom pudding (the recipe for saffron cardamom pudding is here). Here I wrote about running fast at the Hood-to-Coast. Here I wrote about my miscarriage. I cannot ask you to vote for me; but if you would like to read what I've written, or write something yourself, there you are.

Another place I'm honored to be finding refuge as a storyteller is the charming, unusual Back Fence PDX. I met Melissa and Frayn one hot day recently for iced tea. We agreed that we all liked each other very much and they asked me to tell a story at the October 22 event at the NE Urban Grind. The theme will be "Just Can't Get Enough: Getting Stuffed and Being Stuffed," and I will tell a story about doing too much. You'll see more about this on cafe mama tomorrow.

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