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a piece of publication . october 15 . 2011

waterstone review upon receipt
My work, in a book, is no less thrilling because it is not all mine. It is enough mine.

When I announced I had been named the winner of the 2011 Water~Stone Review Judith Kitchen Creative Nonfiction Prize, I had no idea how long it would seem between such announcement and the publication. I had equally little idea how it would feel to open a fat, lovely journal full of amazing work by other writers I admire and am just discovering, and see my name there, and there, and there again. (And I even saw the proofs of my portion.)

This Water~Stone Review is truly a gem. It is lovingly and carefully curated, and the editing process has been an unusual joy; I felt that my work was being handled not just with care, but with love and deep affection. It is only now that I see the treatment was similar with all these works. I do hope you'll buy one; you can get a copy, here.

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