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vote for me, a poem . april 09 . 2012

vote for me, a poem, and photos

Dear Cleveland High School,
      I hope you all agree,
The best choice for president,
      is Sarah Gilbert, that's me.

I've had experience,
      and I have the brains,
If I'm elected,
      only one job remains ‚Äì

You must bring me your thoughts,
      your wishes, your dreams,
Like dances, homecoming,
      powder-puff football teams.

I won't feed you candy,
      and I'm really not that big,
I won't try to bribe you,
      just honesty, you dig?

I promise you impartiality,
      I promise to be fair,
If you vote for Sarah,
      you'll have a president who cares.

I've had experience with Girls' League,
      NHS and Exec.,
I know about the problems,
      the causes and effects.

If you choose a President,
      who's inexperienced or young,
You'll most probably be sorry,
      You didn't choose the right one.

There's really only one choice,
      And the choice is evident--
Elect me, Sarah Gilbert, for
      Student Body President.

**Please make your vote for me, Sarah Gilbert, today at lunch, before & after school...I will carry through for you!

I didn't win this election; I did, however, win the next election and was president the spring term of my senior year at Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon. There's more though: I may be reading this poem and other, less mimeographed, bits of my journal and secret, private thoughts at the Mortified Portland event on May 4 and 5th. Come along, and see.

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