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a message for mortified . may 05 . 2012

at the mortified event

May 4th and 5th, I'm performing at Portland's Mortified event, what producers describe lovingly as a "comic excavation of the strange and extraordinary things we created as kids." If you've come here to my site after -- or before, because you're eager -- seeing me at the show, you might want to see how I looked back on my time in high school after my 20-year reunion last summer (predictably, I helped organize; perhaps unpredictably, my husband and I were named 'king and queen' of the event, a phenomenon I attribute to both of us having lots of experience in sales). Oh yes -- you might be interested to know I married someone I almost dated in high school. You'll even see a passing mention of my journals from high school there. They've been wanting to come out all these years!

You won't see a lot of comedy here, though it's a love of mine to write funny. Along with my dear friend Liz Kotlyarevsky, I spent two years on the writing team for Wharton's Follies; kind of a Saturday Night Live, with musical dance numbers, only making jokes for budding MBAs. It's not on Youtube, sadly -- those were the days when people were spending crazy sums of money for internet companies with enormous physical and logistical expenses, not places for people to post videos of their pets and dancing toddlers. Oh how far we've come! But, as a teaser, I've posted the first several pages of my new genre-bending novel, Shards of Desire. It is unexpected.

Do you know? I write for love. I wouldn't say no to little money, though. My three very energetic boys require the highest in quality child care so I can come out and do things like this. Paying for patience is not beneath me! Look over there to the right -- tips support my journal-reading and novel-writing pursuits. And: thank you so much for coming here. As they say on the internet, xoxoxo [smack]

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