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an appeal and a campaign . blogging Stealing Time magazine . 22 october . 2012

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You're the one, you know.

You're the one we want as a reader. You're the one to spread the word. You're the one to share our story.

You are the one to review Stealing Time magazine -- the luminous literary magazine to bring you fiction, non-fiction and poetry from the heart of parenting -- to write about it on your blog or web site or Tumblr or Pinterest page, and make this magazine happen, and we will give you things in return. Ask, and you shall receive a magazine. Review, and you shall receive a low, low subscription rate. Enrich this community; make us all glow with ideas and stories.

I've been writing speeches, and sometimes by "speeches" I mean words that other people speak in front of audiences, and sometimes by "speeches" I mean emails or reports or letters or blog posts or notes I will slip into boxes of Kickstarter swag. Just so you know. I have been practicing.

I have been practicing up to tell you that your words, your presence, your attention, are what we need. Not just us, the editors and writers and designers and belovers of Stealing Time magazine, but all of us, those who are parents or who might one day be parents or who remember their experience with parenting fondly or with a mix of complex emotions. Those of us who hear every story and shake our head and say to ourselves, "it's all about the love of a mother," or, "it's always the father, isn't it?" and it is true that many of these stories are the soaring-heartwarming and many more of them are the piercing-heartbreaking variety.

The thing is that we believe, believe in a religious way, a cock-your-head-and-feel-righteous way, that telling the real stories of parenting, telling it like it is and it can be, the best of it and the worst of it, in a way that lays the words on the page and just tells, not judges, not provides six steps to making your parenting better, not from any one philosophy or even knowing what you're doing, here -- that telling stories like this saves us. Saves hope, saves belief in self, saves your sense of humor and your ability to get to sleep at night. Saves lives.

Just reading and sharing your reaction to the piece -- the "second story" that our friend Megan Stielstra talks about -- is part of this process. It's our intention to not just tell stories but to listen to yours, too. We believe so strongly in it that we don't really care how much traffic your blog gets or whether you have more than 500 friends on Facebook. We just want to hear your story in reaction to ours. For the best, best example of this in relation to our magazine, see (hopefully) by Heather of the extraordinary ordinary.

And one more thing. Because we're always looking for new voices that tell stories in new and (yes) extraordinary ways, we'll invite one of the reviewers to write a piece for our "Relations" issue. Of course, any of you can submit to us any time. But some people need that nudge, and we believe this is a great way to figure out which nudge we want to deliver.

Come on. Write to us. Let us share our stories with you and then tell us how it makes you feel. And let us all take a deep breath and just -- yes, down to your belly -- let us all feel how real, how clean, how warm to the core that makes us now.

Fill out this form to receive your "Genesis" copy in the mail for review. If you're no good with forms, send an email to stealingtimemag at, with "I want to review Stealing Time" in the subject, a link to your blog or web site, and an address where you would like to receive our Stealing Time 'Genesis' issue. Once you review the magazine (good, bad, raving, ranting), send us a link, and we'll send you the special code to get a supah-special subscription rate. If you've already subscribed, you may feel free to use the link for a friend or a reader.

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