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Cafe Mama's Guide to Kid-friendly Restaurants in Portland and beyond...

This is my developing guide. As a mama with the mind of an entrepreneur, I am constantly evaluating businesses and the way they relate to mamas and their needs. Moms and their young children are really a potentially huge market segment for service businesses. They generally have a good amount of money, tons of free time, and are looking for a haven away from home. They generally appreciate quality and understand that value doesn't mean getting the lowest possible price for a commodity - they would rather pay a little more for a lot better product. But so, so few businesses are thinking about this right - even the ones owned and managed by mamas. I'll just give my mental checklist below: it would be a great reference for someone looking to start a business that targeted mothers with small children, pregnant women, and the babies and small children themselves.

I'll be adding more to this list as I complete my guides.