an extravaganza of family cycling

To ride a bike with your children is this: a continuous unfolding of joy and a workout like no other. Nowhere does creativity and ingenuity and the soaring free spirit of the bicycle combine with such (literal) blood, sweat and tears. Fiets of Parenthood is a celebration of that: part time trial, part demonstration of skill, part showoff, part hilarity.

Our second annual Fiets of Parenthood event is coming up! On Sunday, August 21, 2011 from the hours of 12 noon to 4 p.m. at 908 SE Hawthorne (here in Portland, Oregon).

The schedule of events is here; events will include the following:

¤ Family bike obstacle course. An obstacle course navigated by at least one parent and one child on a family bike setup in which the parent's bike is in some way connected to the child's conveyance (Xtracycle, Bakfiets, Madsen, tagalong-style attachment, trailer, tandem, homemade cargo/kid arrangement). Two parents may compete as a team, either on the same or separate family bikes. Obstacles and demonstrations of skill will include many items from Julian's list such as "dropped toy" and "I'm thirsty" and "child dismount" (extra points for dismount/remount while in motion). This year we will include bike jousting and a teeter-totter. Awards will be given both for style and best time; additional awards will be given at judges' whim and will range from attire awards (best dressed, most coordinated family, most visible) to feats of fiets (most children on an adult bike; most innovative family biking setup).

¤ Kindercross. For children ages four to 12 who are riding their own bikes, we will conduct a several-lap cyclocross event that will include a few "hills," balancing, stopping and signalling, mounting and dismounting, and picking up treasures or siblings' dropped toys. Like the family biking event, awards will be given both for style and time.

There will be treats, and tabling, and bike stickers, and crafts. We'll have a bake sale to benefit Kidical Mass. Clever Cycles staff will be on hand to answer questions, and we're inviting other local bike builders and family-centric shops to strut their stuff, too.

Check back here for updates, schedules, course details, and inspiration.