one less minivan

you are icon, symbol, inspiration

The story of "one less minivan" is a story of discovery, embracement, community and love, not a protest cry. To be without minivan is not to hate fossil-fueled vehicles-of-motherhood, no, it is to honor them but also to see the possibilities beyond the minivan. To say to "car culture," to "oh but if I had children, of course, it would be a different story," "no! we write our own stories here."

To forge a world with one less minivan, first, we must believe that it can conceivably be. That we can dress warmly, that we can layer, that we can bring things: water bottles, crunchy snacks, spare towels and hats and pretty knitted blankets. That we will bring books and crafts and coffee cups. Things to heal, things to pass the time, things to capture this time. That we can be at once engine and navigation system and licensed-and-registered driver. Yes. Yes we can.

One less minivan is biking with children, too, but also publicly-transporting, walking, reducing our carbon in a way that is at the same time fiscally responsible and planet-salving, as we are breathing deeply of the air-outside we are also breathing just that much better. One less minivan is practical, as many have said there will be a day, one day that is not as far as you would think, far, far fewer of us will be driving in vehicles powered by combustion engines and we will need to store up all the belief we can muster.

(I have coined the word "mamabikeorama," and as I write here it is not meant to describe just my own bike with my three boys, the configuration I described. A mamabikeorama is any bicycle that transports parent and child in a manner that is at once liberation and salvation, that gives riders both joy and strength, that will turn heads, give rise to smiles and waves and the occasional shaking fist. Carnival ride and lorry. A magical bike.)

Here, I will celebrate the wonders of a world with one, two, three, ten thousand! one million! less minivans, I will tell how I live without it, how others do, how you can, too. Here, you may buy little things, stickers for your bicycle, and whatever else I can dream up. Here, I hope to inspire you, and my own self, at regular intervals. Here, we who have already let go of our fear seize the power, savor the world in which we are, become the change, remember, we are not en route, we are already here.
one less minivan, thanksgiving edition