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easy ways to eat healthily while you're pregnant

Written January, 2007

Sure, the ideal pregnancy diet would consist of organic plain yogurt, fresh fruit and stone-cut oatmeal for breakfast; tomato, mozzarella and kale sandwiches on rustic whole-wheat bread for lunch; and a chicken breast with a side of steamed broccoli and brown rice for dinner. Of course, you'd be snacking on apples with soy-nut butter and celery sticks dipped in hummus.

Unfortunately, that sort of diet is not always the most likely thing. I'm lucky if I get in one serving of fruit each day in my first trimester -- not because I don't like fruit, but because it's so hard. I don't feel much like opening a can of black bean chili, let alone walking to the market for local organic fruit, then (heavens) cutting and eating it. No, I'd much rather reach for the potato chips.

What to do? You care about your baby. You're eating vitamins and following my other 10 things to do when you're pregnant. I know you mean well, just as I did when I grabbed a chocolate bar out of my cupboard because I was just so damned hungry! Here are a few things that made eating healthy easier for me: