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Gestational week fifteen, from BabyCenter:

2007.02.05. i'm totally ok

don't worry! don't fret! i'm ok! and i'll be posting about (a) my absolute inability to do work this week; (b) alcohol & mamas; (c) my sister-in-law, who had a baby but who's not speaking to our family so it makes me very sad (the not speaking part makes me sad, i would be happy about little noah), (d) how i can't stop knitting, even for a moment and (e) my transformation into a ballet mama, which is really fun. oh, and (f) how i feel so much better and i finally got my work mojo back! hurray! but later. when i'm not so freakin' busy.


I never managed to write about all this... so this week was a quiet one! Maybe I'll come back to it, someday.